Alabama Business License 322-151
Arizona Contractor License 284600, Class B-1
Colorado Registered Business 20101639743, Contractor license by city/county
Idaho RCE-24372, Idaho PW PWC-C-17233
Indiana Business License #2015060200523; Contractor license by city/county
Kansas Business License #4931721; Contractor license by city/county
Kentucky Business License #0923160; No contractor license required
Louisiana Business License, Contractor’s License #59413
Minnesota Business File #834605700028, Registered Contractor
Missouri Business License # FL001413370; Contractor license by city/county
Montana Registered Contractor- 158160      
Nevada Business License 0081045, B2
New Mexico Construction License 380230, GB98
North Dakota Contractors License 38321, Class A
Ohio Business Registration #2406537; No GC license required
Oklahoma Business License #3712402053; No GC license required
Pennsylvania Registered Contractor PA 4229270
South Carolina Business License received; Contractor license, Pending 150220-0228
South Dakota Registered Business FL004979, No GC license required
Tennessee Business License received; Contractor license Pending 4229270
Texas Registered Business 801602561; No GC license required
Utah Contractor License 6556780-5501
West Virginia Business License approved, Contractor license, WV041772
Wyoming Registered Business 2009-000567536; Contractor license by city/county

The Construction Manager license allows MBA to provide construction management services on public projects of any size and nature.

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