NOW, we’re able to bring efficiency, flexibility and speed together to offer our customers a new, COMPLETE, TURN-KEY OPERABLE SWD SYSTEM! This new feature allows the same operational efficiency of a permanent system, but also brings flexibility and mobility to any job site.

Find out more about our new TURN-KEY MOBILE OPERABLE SWD SYSTEM, and how you can bring one out to your next project

System can be leased for as little as three months

Can be operated at lower volumes until the business justifies a permanent facility

Very efficient oil recovery, the same as a permanent facility utilizing technology tanks

Scalable for easy ramp up or ramp down of the SWD facility to accommodate volume commitments

Flow rates are monitored and controlled and synced with chemical injection

Has all the required containment for environmentally safe operations

OBMV Assembly 01.jpg
OBMV Assembly 05.jpg
OBMV Assembly 06.jpg

Speed to market 3-4-week delivery time

Quick connects between modules for piping, electrical, and controls

System can be monitored and controlled remotely

Can be operational in five (5) days

Can run on permanent or temporary power

Has a mobile truck offloading system that can be moved from site to site